20.11.12 (2) crutch


Fine, yes, autonomy! a laudable foundation, a keystone that says


“I respect you. Now please don’t lean on me” ?


But if we didn’t need other people


To do what needed to be done


To become who we needed to be


What does that make


Of so-called society? infinitesimal


Specks of archipelago  floating directionlessly


On a sea darker than wine and tougher than obsidian…


And maybe this isn’t a falling tree, so to speak – more of a creaking in the wind –


But you’re the only forest I’ve got (try not to look so wooden)


So I’ll thank you for yelling “timber!” if the walls do have ears


And you hear me keeling over – I couldn’t think of a finer fanfare


With which to challenge gravity – a fraction of certainty sure goes a helluva long way


In this blastedly polite oblast of autonomy where ‘do what thou wilt’


Has depreciated into obscene black-market  currency


Time is NOT money


It’s a blade without a hilt


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