en gogue             sleep teaching


I’ve known some chemistry in my time

mostly the sort that finds me palpitating at 3am

I’ve felt my own nerves amplified to screaming point


yeah I’ve got myself off like no one ever will


simple as tessellation and just as

likely to be played out of tune

better the disenfranchised devil you can imagine


than a blade-wielding model citizen

sample/rewound             lemniscate electrons

penetrate the conversation


for once I can’t tell you what I’m on

only that you should have some

it’s a cheap spice makes this jam


2 thoughts on “30.11.12

  1. I reckonz this is darn close to something round and satisfying as… fizzing tablet? drop of honey in zero gravity?
    What’s ‘en gogue’?

  2. hehe, thankee..’en gogue’ – should perhaps have been ‘en gogues’ but singular felt more appropriate – possible French origin of ‘agog’ – I liked the -gue ending, but mostly to emphasise the “IN a state/place of”-ness (but in a place with more exits than the initial scene suggests)… cf enthusiasm//entheogeny..

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