Keep Counting

Headlong into the fire again, stumbling into town

in a crow gown and the wrong hat,

surfing on mirrors, magnets, wires and quantum apparat

Alarums sing out,

sincere and stern and I

dutifully turn to the glass to watch the Shard shine

with the grin of a ticking crocodile and it

sticks in my throat

Today I decline

to subject myself

to dumb design –

Instead I make my home

in the bowels of a lopsided metronome

in the lobes and wingbeat of barn owls

in the spin of an unwinding chromosome

where the water’s sweet

and the air is foul

I drag a sullen beat

out of ten sore thumbs

and blistered feet

drums tipping

accents a-flutter

candle-lit loops spitting

silver strings into the gutter

Will the groove stick?

if not, throw it harder –

One for the zodiac

two for the zone

three for the sinews

four for the bone


let the sorcerer-king

cut it in thirds and

throw it up again

Six for the swing

eight for the island

nine for the compound

twelve for remembering


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