Symbolic orders that do not revolt

Shoulders wound against the weather – crows

have left hypnotic footprints in the snow


Too long in the vacuum

accelerating through space

engines running and running – sacrificing

any equilibrium for reaction mass


Love under empire

root minus eye

the impossibility

of such words in my mouth


Young fella, commoditised into surface albeit,

you create the universe

with every desire you cast into the dark

so try not to demean your gift

by  dreaming cheaply


Accept immanence

allow the pattern to

phrase its own invocation

and hum its way into being


You may find yourself becoming fast friends

You may claim both ends of the argument

You may make something frivolous

out of the purely necessary


We all speak the language of yes

and the grammar devoid of objects

desire as vector as the vibrating

precursor to harmony




Quid pro Quo –

What did you expect,

and how far was

I expected to

satisfy it?


Culture unfolds without danger

unravels without protest

sex collapses into a collection

of gestures and glances askance


We grow our own

if we’re to spring the trap


Our chopsticks are two feet long


Our shirts button from the back


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