Fontaine Froide #2 (in progress)

Seven leagues for luck
while overhead giants stride forward across hill and dale
kicking up clouds of chalk and shale
we're stood (some way below) before the greatest leap we've ever faced
on the strange surface of what was (the story went) a familiar planet 
whose tides we have struggled with since dawn
Victory is imminent and she will lose us the war
beneath the optimism we wear we know this

This is the terror no gun no drone no satellite
can pinpoint and destroy no government can legislate away
no oceans of comfort can drown out
We owe beyond counting
we have stolen beyond justice
we have killed beyond conscience
we are broke beyond repair
It's a confession that may drive us mad
but new reasons are what we need
if revolution is to mean anything more
to the giants
and the more fragile participants
than the threat of an incoherence more damaging
than the one we're already drowning in
Mutiny that builds a community
taking a turn towards the unfamiliar,
marching to an anthem that hopes to preserve more
than the queen and her borders 

Still almost impossibly quiet beneath the drums
of black blood burning in our ears
almost hidden by the spoil heaps and smoke
almost written out of mind by the so-called victors
But which threatens to spring into song
with a push form the wind
and a smile form the sun
to be heard in the silence of a great wheel turning

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