Hello fellow humans

This Is The Future invite you to do a small and beautiful thing. The next UN summit on climate change begins on the first of December in Lima, and to coincide with this we would like to share this short film – ICE CAP – as widely as possible.

You can watch the film at – if you would like to lend us your support, please sign up to the Thunderclap at…/18820-the-future-is-rising – this will post the video on your social media feeds at noon on the 1st.

We want the ether to resound with this

the ice IS melting
but it isn’t too late


‪#‎thefutureisrising‬ ‪#‎COP20‬

The Future is an organisation committed to putting pressure on decision makers in politics and industry, through the creative and non-aggressive disruption of urban (and social media) spaces, to act – and act urgently – on the advice of scientific and regulatory bodies regarding the need to reduce carbon emissions etc if catastrophic runaway climate change by the end of the century is to be avoided. For a less convoluted explanation, and information on past and future actions, please visit



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