May we have a new one please (on the occasion of a circumspect announcement)

And now our human rights are hers to curb –
Prime Minister and modal verb;

To what star will she hitch the wagon,
our Hon’rable komodo dragon?

She’s not a Fox, or Gove, or Crab;
get back, you migrants! She is Ahab!

Undaunted in her war on psychoactive herbs,
the former Secretary of Home (and modal verb);

Johnson flopped and so did Leadsom,
deflated like a punctured Page 3 bosom;

with one great shout of ‘nolo contendere’
the stalking-horse was washed away,

and ‘fore the swizz could be detected,
Voila! One head of state, barely-elected.

The future’s going to be superb – a wealth
of possibilities that lie within the modal verb…


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